Areas Addressed

The way we speak is often underrated, yet we know that over seventy percent of our communication is more that just the words. Observation of leaders and successful speakers reveal the power of skilful speech. This ability may be inherent but can also be developed. Ingrid’s breadth and depth of expertise means that she can help with all aspects of spoken communication.

Presentation Skills  - encompassing delivery of a prepared talk, paper or conference speech and including first impressions, audience engagement and impact. Ingrid also helps with writing a script, PowerPoint slides (where necessary!) and dealing with question and answer.

Voice and Speech Training -  focussing on posture, breathing, tone and diction to enhance the speaking voice for any occasion.

Confidence - Exploring what you really can do with your own voice so you are self-assured whatever the situation. Ingrid encourages you to step outside your comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment.

Natural Authority - Combining an understanding of voice and speech with principles of movement helping you to come across with natural authority and conviction.

Accents, Dialects and Elocution - Ingrid helps you reduce the impact of regional or non-English accents and dialects so that you are more readily understood and communicate effectively. Ingrid’s work is also very helpful for people with issues of stammering or loss of voice.

Voice-overs and Audio recordings - Ingrid has provided recorded voice for audio books, interactive telephone systems, lifts and technical systems and for radio and TV.