Coaching for Teachers

A powerful voice is a teacher’s most valuable asset. It expresses natural authority, enhances professional expertise and is a potent tool for interactive teaching. Voice skills are easily refined and augmented.

Your voice is a precious gift to be treasured and nurtured. It is a powerful tool for communicating with pupils, students, colleagues, parents and the community. It is unique to you.

· Express your natural authority
· Ensure you are easily heard and understood
· Say what you mean
· Use the right tonality
· Your voice as an interactive learning tool
· Develop ‘the voice of the heart’ and bring your own special teaching gift alive.

Teachers use their voice every day throughout the whole of their teaching career conveying not just information and facts but feelings, attitudes and hidden meanings. Training in this important field is often neglected. With Voice Training teachers improve their ability and proficiency, boost their own confidence and self-esteem which in turn influences the children. Investing time and money in this training results in long-term benefits in terms of reduced teacher absences, naturally raising standards of teaching in the classroom, promoting quality relationships within schools, and encouraging an atmosphere of well-being and vitality.

Teachers are now given plenty of help on what to say - but very little on how to say it. These courses aim to champion teachers supportively and sensitively in making the most of their foremost personal asset - their speaking voice.

Voice Training is offered to suit the needs of teachers, schools, colleges, LEAs and professional development centres including introductory talks, practical workshops, lectures, half or full day Inset training and on-going classes.

Consultations and Coaching
Confidential personal sessions help teachers address individual specific needs.